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Wasp Prevention and Control


Many types of wasps normally fall within two main categories : solitary wasps and social wasps.  The common social wasps are the common paper wasps, which are fairly common in most part of Australia.  Common paper wasps are the native wasps species, they build nest of grey papery material around the home often under eaves, pergolas or in vegetation. Wasps often choose sunny spot to build their nests.

Wasps will attack and sting human if they feel threatened. They are very sensitive insect, a light brushing against the nest may ignite them to give you a nasty stings. Wasps can be extremely dangerous, particularly if multiple stings occur, the wasp sting also has a  high allergic reaction incidence. Ice sting but if swelling and pain is rapid and does not reduce with icing, seek medical attention.

Don’t disturb wasps nests if they are out of reach level. However if you discover hornets at the high traffic area you could spray them with aerosol wasps insecticide  or get a professional pest controller to help you remove the nest.