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Bird Lice Prevention and Control


Bird mice infestation normally occur when bird builds nest at residential or commercial properties. They gain entry to roof cavities via broken tiles or through unprotected eaves of homes and factories. Some infestation also occur from birds roosting on the outside of dwellings such as window ledges or awnings.

Contact with humans usually occur when the bird lice’s host die or leave the nest and left behind thousand of mites searching for new host throughout the dwellings. They will bite human they encounter to provide them with blood feed.

Bird lice can’t survive on human, but the problem will stay if the bird related source of mites remains.

As a result of bird mite/lice biting, severe rashes, irritation and intense itching can occur. Scratching the bites may result in secondary infections. Bird mites are not associated with the transmission of any infectious disease but may require a trip to the doctor for suitable treatment.

A certified pest controller may require to perform control measure action such as making sure that window ledges unsuitable for building bird nest, removal of nest from roof cavities and broken tiles.